Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day On The Slopes

This picture of Mike says it all "We did it!" There is going to be minimal typing on this post because the end of this trip ended with me breaking my I'm limited to typing with only one hand! Up until the point that i broke my wrist we were having a great time! It was a bright beautiful day up at the Sundance resort
Micaiah & Spencer on the lift!
Micaiah was a little pro! It was only her first time and she did awesome!
Ashley helping Mike!
Ashley was a little pro!
Spencer, Ash, Me, and Mike on the ski lift! I am proud to say I single handedly took everyone out when we got off the lift!
Spencer tearin' it up!
Mike, Me, and Ash!
Sarai & Ash!
Isn't this snowboarding jacket just darling!? Spencer's mom let me borrow it! Me thinks I need to get one for next season!
Ashley looking cute as a button in her German made hat!
Micaiah riding goofy!
Mike, Me, and Spence! Spence was trying to be hard core!
Don't we look legit! Love having Micaiah and Ashley around!
Three amigos!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Receiving Answers to Prayers Day 3

How to grow in confidence before the Lord:

1. "If we must ask accodring the to the will of God, we can learn that will by revelation"
2. "Confidence with the Father is possible because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and comes to those who have faith in him"
3. "Confidence comes to those who fear the Lord"
4. "Confidence before God comes as our hearets confirm that we are approved of him"
5. "Confidence comes as we receive the gift of charity and practice virtue"

"If you feel that you lack confidence in your ability to receive answers from God, don't place the responsibility on him."

"You don't have to be perfect in these things to have confidence before God. You just have to be trying, honestly, as you go from day to day, and your confidence in him and in yourself will increasingly grow."