Saturday, May 19, 2012

First 5k Mud Run in Woods Cross!

Well I accomplished one of my bucket list in a mud run. My friend asked me to be part of their team for a 5k mud run and I was more than happy to oblige! The run was a blast! Our team was made up of 5 people(three girls and two boys) and in order to finish the race we had all cross the finish line at the same time! The first two miles of the race consisted of flat ground mouth about ten steep hills in between...then came the last mile mud run! We climbed up huge hills of mud, slid down into swimming pool size mud pits, threw ourselves over bales of hay, army crawled through muddy water, dove through tires, and scaled walls! Upon crossing the finish line we learned that we were only 30 seconds away from winning first place! Honestly, I'm ok with second! We did awesome and I'm really proud of myself for doing it! Running in mud is HARD! I have a few bumps and bruises and a badly cut up hand but it was well worth it!

Emily's Baby Shower!

My Aunt Emily had her baby shower for her first little girl! She has three little boys and was in desperate need of her little girl! Well she got her wish and so to celebrate with her we had a very PINK baby shower! The food was so good, opening presents was so fun and actually made me a little baby hungry...hmmm I have a few steps to take before I can have a little munchkin(like get married;))! Until then I'll just live vicariously through baby showers! ;)

Micaiah & Michael 5.5.12

Micaiah & Michael were sealed for time and all eternity May 5th! I now have a new brother-in-law and I'm thrilled. Michael makes my sister very happy and that is all I care about! Congrats Micaiah & Michael, I love you both!

Just like Dustin!

One of my best friends, Heather, had Dustin and I over for dinner the other night! When Dustin and I showed Nicholas (Heathers adorable munchkin and my other boyfriend) said he had a hat just like Dustin! He ran upstairs to get his hat and sure enough those two were twinners! They even had on the same outfit! Dustin became a fast favorite for Nicholas! They played Legos for hours! They sure are two of a kind!