Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oil Change = Scam!

I find it interesting that every time I go in for an oil change my wind shield wipers are apparently in such bad shape that they need to be replaced right that instant...and my air filter is supposedly so dirty that its hazardous to my health. Even though I just had them replaced three months ago at my last oil change!

This is the typical mumbo jumbo I go through every time I go in for an oil change!

But todays oil change takes the cake!

First off I didn't know this mechanic so I was automatically skeptical. I don't know why it is that they think girls don't know anything about cars and try and take advantage of us but they do!

DISCLAIMER: I don't know that much about cars but I know enough!

Whenever I step out of my car I can read it on their face "girl=money"

To make a long story short....the mechanic mis-qouted me on the price of new windshield wipers by $10.00 and conveniently told me this at the cash register, he also wanted me to pay $30.00 for a rock chip repair that a) had already been repaired and b) my insurance covers. Also, they wanted me to get my car in right away because I have an oil leak that is severe.....I have had a small leak in my engine for a while now and have been told it is nothing to worry about just too watch for any oil spots my car may leave. My car doesn't leave any oil spots! So I told him no thanks and vowed to never go back to that car dealership again!

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