Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The day Abby Graduated!

Abigail was the last to graduate from the Stones Family bunch!
The first weekend of June turned out to be a whirlwind trip.  Thursday Micaiah, Michael, and I drove the 12 hours to Washington.  Friday we spent all day getting ready for Micaiah and Michael's wedding reception. Saturday was Abers graduation.  And the Sunday was the 12 hour trek home:)  It was a quick trip but these moments were worth it.  There is something about going home that makes even the shortest trip worth it.
We are so proud of you Abers!  Not only did Abigail graduate from High School but she also graduated from the local community college with her Associates Degree.
For those of you that don't know my little sister Abigail let me tell you a few things about Abigail...
1. She is the most amazing athlete...just give her a soccer ball!
2. She has a quick and witty personality!
3. She is always up for a good time...always willing to try new things!
4. She is a punk sometimes but very tender hearted!
5. She's gorgeous (obviously)...but very down to earth!
6. The only person I know who loves naps as much as a cat!
7. Her laugh is contagious!
8. Is a good friend!
9. And the BEST Sister!  Love you Abers...I'm super duper proud of you!
Above is a picture of Abby with her good friend Kimmy!  Abby and Kimmy were the best of friends growing's crazy to see them all growed up!
Above: Abby was lucky enough to go to school with one of our funny!  The only people I had related to me in school were my siblings...lame!  It's much cooler when it's your cousin.
Funny side note:  Abby was voted "Best Bod" by the senior class!  This girl has a rocking bod...and in even bigger ego now;)
What a goof!
The significantly smaller Stones clan!
Our two (soon to be) Utah State students!
Just the three of us...I am so lucky to have such a fun and close relationship with both of my sisters.  We have been through the thick and thin together...and we still like one another.  That is what family is all about right?
Just a good ol' fashioned photo shoot...what can make this better?
I know...lets throw in the mama bear!  Oh but wait she messed up the best picture by closing her eyes!
Here are our attempts at getting her to pose with us..nope not happening...
...the look of death....
...needing a little assistance...
...and voila we have a poser! 
See she wasn't too mad at us for making her pose!  I love candid shots like just makes me smile!  This are those good moments in life that we are sometimes fortunate enough to capture!
"Me and You; You and Me; Both of us together" (sing in opera voice from Monsters Inc. for full affect)
The family that was there to support the recent grad!
Interesting bunch...newlyweds + the old weds + the singles who like to mingle = a lot of laughter, stress, a few tears, and one heck of a good time!   Congrats Abers...You did it!

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