Monday, July 26, 2010

Stones Family Reunion & Birthdays!

Yup Micaiah and I are both one year older! Micaiah turned the big 18 on July 14th and I turned the bigger 22 on July 18th! Elder Stones (who is currently in Brazil) turned the mediocre 20 this year! We missed him but we know he is in the right place and we are so proud of him!
So how did we celebrate our birthdays this year?! None other than the "Stones Family Reunion"!
Micaiah and Ashley shared birthday celebrations at "Don Pedro's" in Vernal! Happy Birthday Ashley!
One cabin in Dutch John, Ten tents outside, and loads of "Stones" all combined for four days of fun! Kai seems to be having a blast! I love this little guy! He is getting so big and we are so happy he has a little brother on the way!
This picture is going to be a classic someday! One thing everyone needs to know about the cabin is that the plumbing/toilets aren't the best. Above is a picture of my Dad and "Gammy" trying to make sure the sewage water from an overflowing toilet didn't get on the kitchen table! I think my dads face says it all!
Thanks for keeping me entertained all weekend Kai!
Family photo in Dutch John!
Cute Family photos! Wish Jared, Karen, and Kai lived closer!
For one of the days our family embarked on an 11 mile hike that lead to....NO WHERE! That wasn't the ideal plan. We were actually supposed to be hiking 7 miles to a lake! Unfortunetly we missed the turnoff and the only ones who made it to the lake were Grandpa, my mom, and Aunt JanetteWe still had a blast, and I felt very accomplished that I had hiked 11 miles! Bring on Mt. Rainer!
My mom in her tent!
Can you tell that I love this little munchkin?! This little man loves his food! He is a bottomless pit!
The parentals! I love this picture!
The funniest Trio you will ever meet! When these three get together you can't help but smile!
A family reunion wouldn't be complete without a little mud and four wheelers! Nicely done Abby and Nathan!
Boys and their food!
Naked Babies! PRECIOUS!
The girls and Ben! Love you Ben, you always make me smile and keep things very interesting!
Stones Family Portrait!
I love this picture of Nate, Micaiah, Rachel and I!
All the girls!
Ashley and I! UVU ALLUMNI here we come!
Four Generation Picture! And all of them are the oldest sons!
Stones Trio!
"We get it from our mamma"!!
Rachel, Caleb, and I! I owe Caleb and Rachel so much! Thanks for being around for me! Love you both!
Karen and I! I am so lucky to have the best sister-in-laws! It definetly puts alot of pressure on Seth to pick someone amazing!
Uncle Jon, Jared and I!
Jared and I! I love my big brothers! Thanks for everything you've done for me Jared!
Me and my momma! Abby told me I look like a little girl who is so excited to be with her mom, and she is so right! Love you mom!
Emily and I!
Kristin, Dan, and I!
Me with the Northcotts! Love all three of you!
I come from the best family and I am grateful to all of them for the love and support they have given me! Love you all!

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