Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#1 Thirty Day Challenge

My friend Stephanie has given me this awesome idea! She has been doing thirty day challenges in order to change a behavior and form a good habit. In my Modifying Behavior class I have to design and implement a behavior change in my personal life. I also have to track my progress and design a blog, poster, or pamphlet! Since i already have the blog and I love fitness/health I have decided to incorporate my behavior change plan into my personal everyday life! So here goes nothing!
My first thirty day challenge is to run six days a week morning or night doesn't matter as my schedule varies day to day). This challenge begins today March 15th and will end April 15th!
I will post results either daily or weekly so I can evaluate my progress at the end of the thirty days! Wish me luck!


  1. K I love your blog! I have been reading all your posts. I totally need to do this challenge... ;) You'll do awesome!

  2. Yahoo! Way to do a 30-day challenge! I have found them to be quite fun... or at least fulfilling if not fun. You'll do great! I look forward to hearing updates!