Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amazing Friends

I have the best friends in the whole world. I wanted to share a few pictures my friend Ashley just emailed me...ok I lied there are a lot of pictures but I love everyone one of them!

Since these pictures were taken around Marissas birthday I'll talk about her first! I met Marrissa through Ashley when they became roommates and we had an insta-bond. Marrissa is the type of person who will do anything and everything for you. She is hilarious and always makes me laugh.

Don't we just make the cutest pirates?!

Yes these pictures were taken around Halloween! We had a halloween marathon it felt like! We had three different customes. Each of which were not the ones we had planned for that night!

See the cute blonde on the left in the black jacket?! That's Brittany! She is so darling! I met Brittany through Natalie and Ashley when they became room mates. Brittany is amazing. She lost her dad last year which would give her every right to be bitter and upset at the world, but she is completely opposite. Brittany helps everyone in need and is all smiles! Cute story about Brit, Ashley and Natalie decided to scar her one night (it was late at night). They hid in the shadows in the living room, and when Brittany came in the door they started making all these creepy noises and moved towards her. Instead of screaming Brit hopped up and down laughing hysterically and exclaimed "Oh I love being scared"! Only you Brit!

Now lets talk about Natalie! She is the one in the middle (picture on right hand side). So much to say about this girl. We can state that obvious that she is beautiful and has a great smile, she is extremely smart and was SUPER dedicated to her studies (when her laptop wasn't open to facebook;)). But anyone can tell you that! Natalie loves to scare people...don't let that sweet smile fool you! For example when we went to the haunted house, Natalie thought it was hilarious to fall back in the dark and then creep up on people! Which I am here to tell you is not funny! Natalie is also extremely loyal to her friends and is one of the funniest people that I know! In fact she laughs hysterically when she is scared which will make you laugh! I mean there we were scared out of our minds because someone was banging on the front door at 3 AM and all Natalie could do was laugh!

Lastly, lets talk about Ashley! Ashley is the adorable blonde (left of me in the picture on the left) She has helped me so much this year and was the person who got me out of my shell this year, went to my new ward with me, and has taken me under her wing (literally)! I don't think I have been on more fun double dates then when I am with Ash! We have a blast! Ashley is so caring, she is hard working (we call her the dad of the friends because she is a work-a-holic), hilarious, gorgeous, fiesty, and is always excited to see her friends! You get the picture, she is pretty amazing!
I have not named all of my amazing friends in this post as I don't have pictures of them all to post right now, but shout out to "THE PACK" which includes, Mckell, Amanda, Kelsey, Kim, Shana, and Matt! Yup Matt is in a pack of all girls. Spencer, Heather, Amber, Kenzie, Ashley W., Ian, Tate, Stephanie M., Charelle, etc, etc, etc! You get the idea! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends!

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