Friday, November 25, 2011

THANKSGIVING Gratitude List and recap!

I still can't believe that the holiday season is upon fact Thanksgiving was only yesterday and I still can't believe it has already come and gone! This Thanksgiving has been a wonderful one...except for the fact that I have been working every single day this week with my mornings starting at 4 AM! Yuck...the thing that helps me get through this period of my life where I am getting up this early is the quote that says something along the lines of "where you are now, is not where you are always going to be." Phew, because I am soooo over 4 AM! Anyway, wow, this gratitude list seems to have turned into a slight whining session! Bore City, no one wants to hear about that! So onto why this holiday has been wonderful! My family (mom, dad, and abby) drove down from Moses Lake, WA to good ol' Provo, UT for Thanksgiving this year. They arrived Wednesday night and we had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Jon and Emily's house. I brought my current boyfriend? (We really haven't had this discussion yet, but that is what I am going with) Dustin and Mike brought hers. We had a really fun time with great food, good laughs, and tons of pictures. The following morning, which happened to be Thanksgiving, I had to work from 5-9 AM. Luckily I was able to leave work at 7, and I was promptly back in bed and asleep by 730! Let me tell you as I am typing this up at work, the clock reads 7:05 AM and I am ready to crawl back into my bed...except I have a good dose of hot cocoa running through my veins and it is helping to keep me awake! Back to the recap....Abs and I slept til 10:30, we got up, went running, made omelets, got ready for the day, and met up with the parents, and Mike in Provo to drive down to dinner in Spanish Fork! Dinner was held at Debbie and Jims house and they had an awesome spread! The guest list included; the Northcotts - Gretchen, Matt, Allison, Megs, and Ben. the Madsens - Jim, Debbie, and David. the Crawfords - Joe, Karen, and Zane. the Walkers - Clint, Dan, Kristin, Ashley, and Becca. the Stones - Eric, Cindy, Abs, Mike, and I. the original Stones - Grandpa, Grandma, and Nate! It wasn't our usual huge crowd but it was still a lot of fun! A couple of highlights from the night include going around the room expressing to everyone what we were thankful for. Another highlight was sitting on the ground with all the girls listening to Grandma tell stories! I love my family with all my heart and I am so grateful they were able to come to Utah so we could celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family!

My Thanksgiving Gratitude List

-I am grateful for my family and the wonderful examples they are to me!

-I am grateful that I am an aunt to two beautiful little munchkins who continue to make me laugh and that I love seeing grow up.

-I am grateful for all of the true and great friends that I have made and kept throughout my life. The lord really does have a hand in our lives, and I can see it through the amazing people he puts in my life.

- I am grateful for the home that I live in now, and for being able to live with good friends who share and uphold the same standards.

-I am grateful my brother Seth is serving a mission in Brazil.

-I am grateful for the church and for being raised in the gospel.

-I am very grateful for my Savior and the atonement in my life.

-I am grateful for temples.

-I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and for our BOM challenge from the first presidency.

-I am grateful for my ward and my bishopric.

-I am grateful for the opportunity to live in Utah near so much family.

-I am very grateful for technology which makes our lives a lot easier.

-I am grateful for hot cocoa!

-I am grateful for my job and the wonderful boss that I have.

-I am grateful for my education.

-I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have to become something great in life!

-I am grateful for a mother who sets such a good example for me and is one of my best friends.

-I am grateful for having Dustin in my life, he has shown me what I want to have in my life and makes me feel beautiful, amazing, and priceless every single day.

-I am grateful for laughter, as it seems to be the best medicine for any situation/illness.

-I am grateful for our prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

-I am grateful for Joseph Smith.

-I am grateful for Deseret Book...its my guilty pleasure...I love to browse their book store for hours!

-I am grateful for the chipper morning servers at Starbucks!

-I am grateful for all of those people who have those permanent happy, bubbly, hilarious personalities that I am so very drawn too!

-I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and will never give up on me!

I think this list can go on and on forever! I have so much in my life to grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (pictures will be arriving soon!)

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