Friday, November 5, 2010

Life Is Precious

In loving memory of Grandpa Lawrence
We don't realize how precious life is until we are losing someone who has been a part of our lives. Grandpa Lawrence was in a horrible car accident Thursday afternoon; he was on his way to feed some chickens of a friend when a car ran a yield sign and hit him. He was rushed to a Catholic hospital in Spokane, Washington. Every morning a priest comes into his room to give him a blessing. Mom says that Lawrence would like knowing that. When I talked to my mom yesterday they thought that Lawrence was going to make it. Today my mom is back in Spokane, and Grandpa is in the ICU. She says the view from his room is amazing, and that the doctors have done a really good job to help make him comfortable. My mom was very positive when she was on the phone with me telling me that patients can hear you even when they are unconcsious. When I asked her how he was really doing, she stepped out into the hallway and told me that in a few hours once a lawyer had arrived they would be taking Grandpa off of life support.
I am grateful for all of the Sundays our family spent visiting both Granpa Lawrence and Grandma Kirby. I remember us picking apricots from his trees in the back yard and playing football in the front yard.
We love you Grandpa Lawrence.

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