Monday, November 15, 2010

Park City GET AWAY

November 7th is just one of those dates that is going to leave a bitter taste in my mouth every year. However, I am a firm believer in trying to turn a bad experience/date into a positive experience/date. My Aunt Karen planned an amazing weekend up to Park City to get away from the everyday norm, relax, shop, and try and forget last November 7th! Thank you Karen. Above is a picture of what I woke up to on November 7th. Though the day itself was a tough one to swallow, I was proud of myself for only having one emotional break down! This weekend really helped!

My two favorite Ashley's! Best friend Ashley Gardiner and Ashley Walker! Both of you have helped me so much this year! Love you both!
Love this pic!
Ash and I!
These next few photos were taken right outside of "cottage"!

We ate at "Red Rock"! The food was delicious!
Don't you just love the Christmas Lights?! It makes me so excited for Christmas!

Sorry these pictures are out of order! I had so many to upload that I lost track of what picture came next! Here are more pictures of our shopping adventures!
Bath & Body Works made my day!
Aunt Karen and Ashley were our entertainment!
Micaiah, Ashley G, and Ashley W!
Ashley and Micaiah! Where do I even begin to explain how happy and grateful I am that Micaiah is in Utah this year! She has been a saving grace on more than one occasion! She is constantly making me smile and makes my bad days into some of the best days when she is around! I love you Micaiah!
I love this picture of Ashley and I!

Hot tubbing! YUP our cottage came fully equipped with three fireplaces and a hot tub!
Ok, I know that I look like I am not wearing anything, but I swear that I am! I just kept my hands up so that I could grab my camera afterward without getting it wet!
I love my pink scarf! And it matches my pajamas perfectly!
The loot!
Our backyard!
The amazing bathroom with the amazing shower!
The amazing fireplace!

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