Monday, November 1, 2010

Work Is No Fun If You Can't Have A Little Fun:)

At work we all dressed up for the Halloween Holiday! It was great! I won the "cutest/funniest" award for my costume of "banana split" and got twenty bucks! As my dad put it "Well I guess twenty bucks was worth that humilation." Yup it was!
My friend Jennifer (the fairy) and I (banana split)! The cutest part of the day was when a little girl saw Jennifer and fell in love with her fairy costume! She didn't want to leave the hospital and her parents took her down to our gift shop and bought her "fairy wings" just like Jennifers! It was so adorable!
So here was the other half of my costume! Hence "banana split"! Tinkerbell -Heather and Cowgirl -Erika were so adorable! Love me job and all the ladies I work with!

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