Tuesday, December 28, 2010

22 and Acne?!

Yup! HUMBUG! after years of beautiful skin I have acquired the look of 15-year-old pubescent! A month ago I started breaking out over my left cheek; which is weird for me because I never have gotten acne on my cheeks! I tried everything I could for it, including the most ridiculous diet of absolutely NO SUGAR! So not only was I breaking out but I was restraining myself from my favorite treat of Hot Cocoa! I then thought that perhaps it was just all the stress of eight months that had caught up to me! As soon as the semester ended I assumed my face would clear up; what with a two week stress free break and all! However, NO that did not happen! I have loads to be grateful for and I really don't have as bad of acne as lots of other people, but I am 22-years-old for crying out loud and acne can really prove to be a damper in your day! So I booked myself a trip to the doctor...which turned out to be a very big slice of humble pie for me. You see, my mom had instructed me that I not wear any make-up to the doctor so he could see the extent of the acne! Picture this...a 22-year-old girl walks in with no make-up and acne! However, my doctor was amazingly nice and informed me that I did not have typical blackhead acne, but rather a nasty case of cystic acne, which means I had a nasty infection in my face! lovely, AN INFECTION IN MY FACE! I was prescribed a months worth of Tetracycline antibiotic (taken orally) to kill the infection from the inside, and five months worth of Retin-A cream (acutane in cream form) to break up the infection on the skin. So one more dose of humble pie in a trip to the local Walmart pharmacy and back home to enjoy a guilt free cup of Hot Cocoa! I'll keep you posted on the results!

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  1. I am SO with you on this Sarai! I had way clear skin through high school and all of a sudden when I was 21 I started breaking out! What the heck huh? I was so frustrated and anything I tried didn't work. And like you, it was on my cheeks! I had never had that before. Anyway, I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me some benzyl cream and it cleared it right up, but whenever I try to go off of it I break out again! I went to the gyno and he said unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do. It's my hormones. He has seen it hundreds of times, girls in their 20s breaking out. It's when our hormones are really wacked out I guess. So I feel your pain! It's the worst, and what even scares me more is that when I get pregnant I will break out way bad and I won't be able to use anything because I pregnant! So dumb I know... I am getting a laser treatment done on my face next week to help with the dark spots from previous zits, so hopefully through that and maybe some micro dermabrasions I can slowly wean myself off of this face cream. Anyway, we should TOTALLY do a girls night, that would be SO fun! We could have Charelle and my friend Sara come (who has been begging for a girls craft night), so let's DO IT! Tell me when works good for you, I'm good for whenever!