Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving in California!

My first Thanksgiving in "warm" weather! I loved it! For Thanksgiving day we went to Disneyland! It was such a blast. We ran around California Adventure & Disneyland from sun up to sun down! It was Rachel's first time to Disneyland so Caleb (who always has so much energy!) made sure that we hit up every ride! I just had to throw in a few pictures of how much detail Disneyland puts into everything!
Can't wait until I have my own kiddos so I can run around Tarzan's treehouse!

The haunted house was decked out perfectly for christmas! It's always one of my favorites!
Jared and Kai! Kai was so much at Disneyland! He did not want to be in the stroller one bit so we all took turns lugging around this chunky monkey!:)

Kai and Karen reading while we all went on tower of terror!
I wanted to show my mom just how buff I have become since doing P90X!

Girls + Photoshoots = LOVE!
I fell in love with the New York feel street, and had to get a few pictures!
The upsetting part to our Thanksgiving Holiday was the BYU loss to Utah! By one measly point, ugh!! But look at how cute the BYU fans are?!
Big thank you to Jared & Karen for hosting a wonderful weekend at their house! It was really cozy!

Wednesday morning Karen's sister Liliana dropped off her little girl Sarah! Kai & Sarah are best friends/cousins and were so much fun to play with that morning!
Sarah was so cute and cuddly! She wanted to be best friends with everyone!
Sorry these pictures are all out of order! BACK to our day at Disneyland!
Pirates of the Carribean is one of my favorite rides! It was one of the few rides we could take Kai on with us! He cried a little bit when we wouldn't let him get in the water, but I think otherwise he was completely entertained!
Caleb & Rachel with our newest nephew Jaxxon! The whole reason we decided to go to California for Thanksgiving this year was because Karen would not have been able to travel with the possibility of having a new baby right before, during, or after Thanksgiving! So problem solved we all went to California!
Kai & Sarah love this singing dog! Kai is so cute calling dogs "Bow Wows"! Karen and Jared are going to have to get Kai a dog sometime!
Both Sarah and Kai became very interested in my camera! They loved seeing pictures of themselves after I took the picture!
And BACK TO DISNEYLAND AGAIN! I promise I really should not have been this disorganized! Sorry!
Girl photo-op while waiting for the boys to get us fast passes!
Caleb looks like a little model in this picture!
More pictures inside of Indiana Jones-which happens to be my dads favorite ride!

And more pictures of the haunted house!

Cute mamma and Pappa!
How beautiful is this picture!
Disneyland Castle! I love how all out Disneyland when on their Christmas decorations!
They were so excited to go to Disneyland!
Here are a few of my photography shots from the weekend!
Jaxxon William Stones

Family Pictures!

And that is the END!

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