Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was a lot smaller this year at the Stones' but it was still just as loud, crazy, and busy as usual!
Sorry these pictures ended up being out of order! Ugh, but enjoy them!
Highlights of Christmas 2010
1. Being home for two whole weeks with my sisters, ma, and pa!

2. Laughing til' our sides split! Who knew little christmas shops and Macey's could be so much fun:)
3. Finding the funniest sayings at quaint little shops in Leavenworth!

4. My dad's fashion show on Christmas morning!
5. Our annual Kris Kringle Kafe - Breakfast themed - complete with monkey bread, cinnamon chocolate crepes, maple sausage balls, and tons of fruit!

6. Christmas trees and decorations.
7. My Christmas wreath - monkey bread!

8. Decorating for Kris Kringle Kafe.

8. The photoshoot I did of Abby!

9. Spending time with my mom.
Spending time with my dad.

11. Leavenworth! Christmas town!
12. The best hot chocolate in Leavenworth!13. Going to the Tri-cities temple with my parents.

14. Spending the day in Tri-cities!
15. Watching Tangled with the family and eating at Micheal's on the lake.
16. Abby's "chipmunk" voice.
17. Wrapping presents with my sisters.
18. My mom's new flat screen in the kitchen.
19. Doing "INSANITY" every morning with my sisters and dad.
20. Waking up when I wanted.
21. Reading by the fireplace.
I hate how fast the breaks come and go! I am a little homesick and can't wait to go home again SOON! I love my family and I am so grateful for them!

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