Monday, January 24, 2011

The FAITH Of A Missionary

Seth's email this week was very tender and was so inspiring that I wanted to always remember it. I miss my brother but I know that Seth was meant to serve the people of Brazil. I have always been taught that the family of a missionary is blessed. I believe this with all my heart. I think that i have been blessed by all of Seth's stories that he shares every week. It is so easy to forget how much we have and that the Lord has blessed us so much until we hear stories (like Seths') about others and their trials.

"So I also had one of my most spiritual moments that I´ve ever had in my life. So this last week one of the families that we are teaching moved to a ´´Burraco´´. This is not even considered a house. It´s a mud floor with some pieces of wood put together to make a roof and really doesn´t even have walls. They moved to save money from the rent that they were paying. But I really never have seen such poor circumstances. We were helping with the move and really having to carry everything by hand to the other house. To tell you the truth. I´m dead right now. Haha But anyways one of the kids has a bad tooth and it really strated to hurt him in the moment. He started to cry and blood strated gushing out of his nose and he was screaming about the pain the he was feeling in his head. My companion had just left the room to get some other things. So I was alone with some of the kids and one of the adults. No one knew what to do. The other day I watched one of the movies that you guys sent me with the story of John Tanner and his diseased leg that needed to be amputated. The missionaries in the movie healed him in the moment but first asked him if he had faith. Mauri, The child of our investigator was in so much pain from the tooth and the pain in the head and because of the amount of blood that was coming from his nose and mouth. The thought came to my head that he could die if I didn´t do something. Everyonewas in a panic and so was I because my companion wasn´t there. I thought of the movie and how the Elders had healed the man. I thought of this story and knew that I have the same authority that they had. the same authority that Jesus Chirst had when he healed the sick. I asked the mom the child if she had faith and asked the same thing to Mauri. they said yes. So I gave a blessing in the instant and felt inspired to say things that I never would have thought of alone. He stopped bleeding in the moment and the pain passed from the tooth and the head. And he went to sleep. The spirit was so strong. I never thought in my life that I would ever be able to do something like that. I almost started to cry and afterwards thanked God for the help that gave me to help this child. It was truly a miracle. This family doesn´t have money to pay for the dentist to pull the tooth out. So I going to use the money that you guys gave me for christmas to pay for it. It will be used for a better cause. I can´t stand seeing people in pain."
-Elder Seth Stones

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