Saturday, January 15, 2011

Receiving answers to our prayers - day one

I am reading "Receiving answers to our prayers" by Gene R. Cook and wanted to keep track of the wonderful insights that I receive from reading it. So here I am day one!
1. "I think the Lord at times must be saddened that while he has offered us so much, we're satisfied with so little."
2. "We can learn much by observing someone else or by reading concepts or doctrines that are taught. But the learning that is of the greaetest value to me is that which comes by the Spririt, enlightening the mind and speaking to the heart."
3. "We're too quick to turn to our own strength and not rely our own inadequacies. But I bear testimony we can all learn how to utilize prayer more effectively and improve our ability to receive answeres to our prayers".
4. "I believe when we pass through the veil and see more clearly how prayer and revelation work, we will humbly fall upon our knees and ask the Lord's forgiveness for not more fully recognizing his hand in our lives".
5. "The doctrines are alive. The Lord is alive. The Spirit is alive. And so can we be if we'll be more energized and become more involved with him".
CHALLENGE: "Get a piece of paper and write on it something very personal that you want from the Lord...something you want very much."
"Work on it as you proceed through this book."
Questions to Ponder:
1. What role does "doing all in your power" play in receivng the answers to prayer?
The Lord can't help/bless us unless we are doing all that is in our power to solve our problem.
6. "If we are really worried about something, so is the Lord. He will hep us with any matter of real concern to us."
7. "The most important thing we can do as we seek to communicate with our Heavenly Father is to have faith in Jesus Christ."
8. "Some people htink faith as a positive attitude. That's only a small part of what faith really is. Faith is the power that holds the worlds in place. Faith is the power by which God works. When we ahve faith, we have access to his power."
9. "Repentance is a key element in obtaining blessings from the Lord."
10. "It's often not enough to simply be "temple worthy." Repentance may bring us to a state of increased fasting, more prayer, added humility, searching the scriptures, and so forth. To the degree that we are willing to change and offer up our own sins, so that the Savior can cleanse us, we can vicariously affect events and other people. If we sacrifice and pay the price, and if it is in accordance with the will of the Lord, we can receive what we righteously desire."
11. "Some people argue that we shouldn't troube the Lord about little things. In a way, that's the spirit of pride, a spirit of wanting to do things on one's own, rather than a desire to discover and do the Lord's will."
12. "Certainly the Lord would have us do all that is in our power to do, but if we take the attitude of self-reliance to an extremem, we will begin to think that we can live our lives without his help."
13. "The Lord wants us to grown and become strong and be able to do much good, but through it all he wants us to be dependent on the spirit of the Lord for direction."
14. "That's not just praying before we do our Church work. We sould pray for guidance, direction, and blessing about every aspect of our lives."
15. "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good." (Alma 37:36-37).
16. The Lord says, "I understnad that you can do many things on your own, but if you want your actions to be for your spiritual well-being, you must pray and consecrate them unto me."

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