Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forgot the Mistakes

"When President Heber J. Grant was a young man, his bishop once said, 'What are we going to do with that Grant boy?'"His father, Jedediah M. Grant, had been a member of the First Presidency, and he had died early and left a widowed mother to take care of this boy. The bishop did not think he would amount to much—but he became President of the Church!"When he was in school, an English teacher assigned the class to collect some examples of bad English, to write down the mistakes. He went to Church and heard a speaker who was an immigrant and could not speak English very well. He did not say two sentences until he had made mistakes. This young Heber Grant thought, 'I'll fulfill my assignment.'"He did not have paper to write on. In those days the boys and the men wore shirt collars and cuffs that were made of celluloid, a kind of plastic. You could write on them. So he got his cuff out, and when the man made a mistake, he wrote it down. He was collecting mistakes in English. Then . . . he forgot the mistakes and began to listen. The power of the Spirit took over. He left the room both inspired and ashamed."

~ Boyd K. Packer

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