Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tribute to the most amazing woman in my life...my mom.

Yes I realize MOTHERS DAY was a little while ago...I have been.....well busy/lazy!
This post has actually been saved for a while and I have taken my sweet time getting back to it!

I had wanted to write a really moving and touching poem about my mom, but then this post might have to wait til next mothers day...I am NOT a poem writer I have discovered.

So instead of a poem I am going to write 22 (my age) things that I love most about my mom, and mean alot to me!

#1 I have never heard my mom swear in her entire life! I hope one day my children will be able to say this about me.

#2 My mom has a very strong testimony and is steadfast in the gospel.

#3 My mom has always supported me through all of my decisions in life.

#4 She takes the time out of her busy days, where I know she has a million things to get done, and really talks and listens to me when I call her.

#5 She knows how I am doing just by the sound of my voice on the phone. How do moms do that?

#6 I get my Hot Chocolate addiction from her!

#7 One thing about my mom that makes me laugh is her addiction to chocolate (hence hot chococate addiction) She buys semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate so that it will detere her from eating them (does not work) so she has my dad hide chocolate from her and then gets upset when she can't find it!

#8 My mom has always been a very grounded, down to earth, non-dramatic mother. And I love her for that!

#9 We both love Wal-Mart...we must because we always seem to make a million trips to Wal-Mart when we are together! And when we call each other, half of the time we are in Wal-Mart!

#10 My mom has a contagious laugh! Just try not to laugh when she does, I dare ya!

#11 My mom is one of the most hard working women I know...she is not afraid to get a little dirt under her nails.

#12 My mom handles crisis' and sticky situations with alot of poise and grace.

#13 My mom has been my rock and my support through the hardest times of my life and has been my saving grace through these times.

#14 My mom is upbeat and funny and I love being around her all the time (wish she lived closer)!

#15 My mom is very dependable and you can always count on her.

#16 My mom is very active (even with her post knee injury) and I love this about her!

#17 My mom is the cutest grandma and absolutely loves her grandkids.

#18 She loves her family and devotes all of her time to them.

#19 She is completely selfless.

#20 She is a great example of service.

#21 My mom is extremely patient, especially with me!

#22 I love me my mom more than anything in the world and she is my very best friend that I can confide anything and everything in!


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