Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Friends + Crepes = Good Times

I am way behind on my blogging, due to being too busy, and well procrastinating! You are going to witness a huge photo overload in the next few posts! This is how I'm spending my Christmas break...catching up on my blog!
In early October (don't worry I am even farther behind than this, but it seemed like a good place to start) my good friend Tate Matta had a crepe party at his house! Was so delicious, and way good company! Loved this night with everyone!

My friend Ian and don't ask;)

Nice Tate!
Tate and Kigan...they got engaged a few days after this darling aren't they?!
Two of my best friends Heather and Bronwyn! Love these girls! XOXO

Girl photo shoot! Love all of these girls! Never complete without a funny face picture!

Good friends + Crepes = Good Times! Love you all so much!

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