Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who invented hot cocoa?

Seeing as how I am absolutely obsessed with hot chocolate (I get this from my mom who drinks a cup every morning, every season of the year) I have always wanted to know who invented this cup of goodness! I know...it's not like it's very hard to google "who invented hot cocoa", but you know how things go....you think about it, but then you get busy with life, and the next time I'm by a computer I'm either editing photos, or watching an episode of the bachelor, etc, etc, you get the picture. Anyway, I have found out the history...Aztecs were the "first" to have invented the cup of cocoa...though they spiced it with chili peppers. The spaniards discovered this aztec drink and took it back to Spain where they improved upon the drink. However, it wasn't until the drink made it's way to London that the drink really become good! They added milk and sugar to the drink and the amazing hot cocoa that we drink today was born! Hmmm....so amazingly yummy! Also, on a side note, the Aztecs helped this drink precious to them as it contained 'healing powers'! ;)

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