Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation undercover

So you know how guys usually drop the ball with valentines day?!(this might be stereotyping, but that's ok) Well so happens that I dropped the the worst way this year! Ill save myself re-living the horrible details! Not only did I not do anything for Dustin on valentines day I really hurt his feelings, which crushed me! Which leads me to "operation undercover"! For valentines day we watched "the vow" which gave me the following idea(and actually a lot of this idea came from my little sister Abby)! There's a part in the movie where she is at work sick and there is a box left for her by none other than the ridiculously good looking Channing tatum!, anyway he puts sticky notes on all the items he got her explaining what they were for...Tylenol: this is for your head. Cough drops: this is for your throat. Picture of him: this is for your heart, etc! So that is what I ended up doing! Dustin was playing in a curling game tonight and so I decided to surprise him by decorating his car and leaving his "I'm sorry package for him"!!! And I think he liked it!!!

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