Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St George

The other weekend we decided to take a trip to warmer weather...St. George! Woohoo! A long weekend of much needed R&R! The St. George crew included myself, Dustin, Ashley, Andrew, Marcie, "Kid", Tony, Marcus, Greg, and Rusty! Marcus's parents have a house down in St. George that they were nice enough to let us stay in! Highlights if the vacation include: sleeping in, hiking, spelunking(love this word), splattering glow sticks in a cave, the laughing game, climbing though "the crack", Ichibons all you can eat sushi, Barkies, cream sodas, yummy Mexican joint, boys playing football, boys jumping over streams, boys being boys;), and spending quality time with Dustin and friends! Love St. George! It has given me spring fever which is horrible now that winter has decided to arrive in Salt Lake! Oh well, great vacation and I can't wait to go back to St. George!

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