Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend = Trip to Moab!

 Memorial Day Weekend = perfect trip to Moab!
 Night one: Super windy & Extremely HOT!  
Day one: boys took on a 26 mile mountain bike trail (it's tradition) while the girls had a late breakfast & a really fun hike!  After the boys finished we all headed over to the local hotel where we snuck into their pool & hot tub (this was how we "bathed" each night)!  Afterwards we went to dinner & then back to camp where we crashed...hard!
 Night Two: Very cold but not as windy!
Day Two: Group Hike to the "watering hole" where the boys braved the freezing cold water!  We went back to town for lunch & made the traditional T-shirts from the Moab T-shirt shop (my very first one!)!!! After lunch we headed out for another group hike!  We took pictures on dangerous ledges, & hiked in style with music & I with my hot chocolate (thanks Dubbs:))!  Afterwards we headed to the hot tub for another night of  R&R!  We bought food for the next day & headed back to camp for a BBQ!  We had the camp director come visit our camp.  She was quite the character!  She told us all the stories of the Indians that used to live there and how "rocks speak to her as though they were the ancient tools the Indians used"!  We were all pretty entertained!
 Third night: slept like a charm!
Third Day: Packed up & made our way to Arches for our last hike!  Afterwards we headed on home to sleep in our amazingly comfortable beds!

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