Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My newest addiction....The Olympics

 I don't know about everyone else but I am addicted to the Olympics...and I have absolutely no problem with it!  It has been the one time that I don't feel guilty for vegging out in front of the TV from 6-11 at night!  Besides I feel so motivated after watching the Olympics I almost feel as though I could run a whole marathon right then...almost!  
On a different note, the Queen of England is by far one of the coolest ladies I know!  How awesome was her entrance!!  Here are some of my other favorite moments thus far of the Olympics....
 1. The greatest firework show I have ever seen!
 2. The "Fab Five" US Women's Gymnastics teams wins the GOLD!  Wasn't Jordyn Weiber not making the finals heartbreaking?!  Or was it just me?  I admit I shed a tear.
 3. The US Swim Team has the best outfits!  Their jackets are awesome!  I'm sad they didn't win gold in the relay but hey Silver isn't too shabby either!
 4. Our Gymnastics team is solid!
 5. Kate Middleton at the Olympics...I love her!  She is super classy!
 6. Phelps and Lochte!  :)
 7. The Olympics are in LONDON!  I am dying to visit here one day!
 8. David Beckham driving the speed boat, under this bridge, with the Olympic Torch on it was awesome!
 9. The lighting of the Olympic Torch was amazing!
10. Mr. Bean in the opening ceremony...priceless! 

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