Wednesday, July 6, 2011

River Rafting Part 1

Mid June my family booked a trip to raft the Lochsa River in Idaho. The river is beautiful, the guides were hilarious, the weather was a little chilly, and the rapids were insane! I have done a little river rafting in the past on the Green River during family reunions, where the river is going so slow you have to paddle just to creep slowly down the river. The Lochsa on the other hand was wicked fast, with class 4 rapids mingled with class 5 features. For those of you who don't know what that means (I didn't before I went rafting) it means you better have a really good guide and be ready to paddle til your arms ache!

Some highlights of the trip:

1. Losing reception in the mountains and trying to use a land line with limited quarters; phone not working and the clerk not letting us use the phone inside the lodge! More specifically Rachel's mouth falling wide open at how rude the clerk was.

2. Roasting lil' smokies over the fire, smores, dutch oven chicken and peach cobbler.

3. Hot cocoa every morning when it was freezing cold and raining outside:)

4. Abby, Mike, and I sleeping in the van instead of the tents.

5. Trying to heat up rocks to put in our sleeping bags so we wouldn't freeze at night (instead we burned towels).

6. Seeing everyone in wet suits; not flattering.

7. Being grateful we were wearing wet suits. It was freezing.

8. The adrenaline rush of river rafting the Lochsa River.

9. Not flipping our raft on the Lochsa Falls!

10. Discovering that my mom gets really chatty when she gets nervous! Everytime we were going through big rapids she starting talking really high pitched and really fast. I tried to answer her one time and got a mouth full of freezing Lochsa River.

11. Our guides were hilarious!

12. Sitting around the campfire dead tired after our river rafting expedition.

Part two will follow after I get my water proof camera developed!

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