Thursday, July 14, 2011

When I say HAPPY you say BIRTHDAY!

Micaiah Anne Stones born July 14, 1992!

I can't believe my little sister is 19-years-old today! I called my mom the other day for a little pick me up...she told me that when Abby and Mike got their own rooms and were no longer sharing they would invite each other to sleepovers in each others rooms. They would send each other invites with a "date, time, place, and activities"! They also would have "freeze outs" in each others rooms. This is where they would open up the windows and turn on all the fans in their rooms because they didn't want the little bugs to come through the screen; and they just knew that if they had a "freeze out" the little bugs wouldn't come through the screen! My sisters are adorable, but since it is Micaiah's birthday we are going to personalize it to, Micaiah is adorable! Lets not bring up the fact though that I never got invited to any of these sleepovers. Apparently its a very exclusive club!

Micaiah is extremely talented, beautiful, caring, hard working, self-motivated, an amazing dancer, quirky in all the best ways, very real, honest (ok lets be honest she is down right blunt), slow to complain, and one of my very best friends:) I love you Micaiah more than you will ever know and I wish you the happiest birthday! I look forward to watching you grow and excel in all that you do. Through the thick and the thin we will remain close and be besties for always and forever!


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