Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Calling

Today I was asked to be a gospel doctrine teacher for my singles ward. I was thrilled, shocked, and nervous about the calling all in the exact same moment. After I had been given a teaching manual and instructed that I would be set apart after sacrament I made my way to my sunday school class....where I began to feel completely inadequate. "I can't do this calling" was the thought that kept going through my head, and more and more I began to feel such nervousness I thought I was going to be sick. How was I going to find the time to fulfill this calling? Was I going to be a good teacher? How could I teach individuals who had more knowledge than I did (returned missionaries)? In my church journal there are scriptures at the bottom of every page. On the page of my journal today was this scripture "For with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37.

After sacrament I was set apart and I was given the most beautiful blessing. In my blessing it said that I would be able to find the time to prepare for this calling. It also said that I would be blessed with my employment and dating relationships. And that I have been called to help edify the Lords children, and that I will be blessed as I serve the Lord.

I don't know why I was so emotional about the whole thing today, but I was so overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy and then feelings of peace and knowledge that my Savior really does KNOW ME and knows what I need in this time in my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and my ward.

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