Sunday, January 22, 2012

Turkey Day & Temple Square

This year for Thanksgiving my parents and Abby came to Utah! This was nice for a number of reasons:
1. Micaiah & I didn't have to make plans to travel to Washington for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
2. I was able to work some hours at the hospital, so I could have time off for Christmas.
3. My parents were able to see Caleb & Rachel when they got back from Thanksgiving in Kentucky.
4. We were able to go Christmas shopping! I love Christmas shopping for a number of reasons:
a. I love Christmas window displays
b. I love all the Christmas smells & scents
c. Love me some holiday promotions & sales
d. I had the most amazing Christmas cookie and hot chocolate...all in the name of holiday shopping
(how did you like that list inside of a list;)?)
5. My parents were able to meet Micaiah's boyfriend, Mike!
6. ....but more importantly they were able to meet my boyfriend, Dustin, haha jk Mike!
7. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Stones and that side of the family! Which all of us loved.
(Above) Karen & Cute little Zane!
My mom, Aunt Debbie, and Aunt Gretchen (they are missing their other buddy Aunt Gretchen who was in Switzerland with her newest grand baby:)) Stones' family get together's always result in a few things:
1. Eating LOTS and LOTS of food
2. Talkage of bodily functions (they are all obsessed with this)
3. and Tons and Tons of deep belly laughing!
The 'Aunts' are always so fun to be around! A little bit of craziness mixed with the 'Aunts' = lots of laughs!
I think this picture pretty much sums up the entire night! Just a good ol' time!
If there is anything else one should know about our family get together's is that we love a good impromptu photo shoot(at least the girls do) 'we're vain' I guess is the only possible explanation;)
The day after Thanksgiving my Mama, Dadda, Abers, Dustin, and Myself decided to do some Christmas shopping followed by a trip to Temple Square to see the lights!
It was freezing cold this night and resulted in lots of red noses and purple finger tips...but it was all worth it for the photos and seeing the lights! Above: Abby and I
Abby, myself, and Dustin
Dustin and I
My Mama, Abby, Myself, and Dadda
My parents are so darling! They are the best of friends and make me laugh so hard! Xoxo
This picture does not do this tree justice! This tree has a ton of lights on it (I forgot the actual number) but literally every inch of it was covered in lights!
Hot Cocoa helped to get us through the night! It was so amazingly yummy!
She is a crack up!
I am completely memorized by lights...I love Christmas lights and especially love the lights at Temple Square!
The gals!
I am so grateful for all the many blessings I have in my life. Especially my loved friends and family! So grateful I was able to spend this Thanksgiving with so much family! xoxo

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