Thursday, January 26, 2012

Temple Square & Temple Lights Round Two

We hadn't planned on going to the lights at Temple Square the very next day, after having seen them with my family...but my cousin Ash called and asked if we would go. I cannot turn down a fun evening with my Jersey cousin, her Boo, my adorable Boy, twinkling lights, and delicious hot cocoa!

We ate at the Blue Lemon...which has the best sweet potato fries ever...grabbed some hot cocoa and braved the cold weather! Since Dustin and I had just been there the day before we felt like legit tour guides leading these two love birds along!

I love this pic of these two!

...And I definitely love this pic of me biased...I know I am;)

After we couldn't take the cold any longer we headed in doors to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. They have the largest, most gorgeously decorated Christmas trees I have ever seen! I loved them...if there is one thing I might like more than Christmas lights is Christmas trees!
Ash played a piano piece on a beautiful baby grand that sent chills down my spine....I really wish I had the talent of playing the piano...really wish I hadn't given up piano...I can remember so clearly my mom telling me "you're going to regret giving up the piano."....that day has come...I REGRET it!

I love this picture for so many reasons....:)

Just the four of us!

Best memories from the night:
1. Almost doing the splits (still don't know how I slipped on purely dry, no ice, cement?!)
2. Hot Cocoa:)
3. Ash and I sharing Stones family Reunion stories over dinner
4. Hearing Ash play the piano
5. Meeting Ash's Boy!
6. Ashley and Dustin meeting
7. Spending time with Dustin!

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